How’s The Market? Episode 2 (7/3/2018)

Today’s Episode is called “Your feelings can shape your real estate experience”Now more than ever your feelings matter. Some agents and clients I know are saying things aren’t selling as fast, their seeing more price reductions, the buyers are a bit more cautious, so what’s going on?”

The top four things you need to know:

  1. You can’t look at any one metric alone. You need to look at the entire picture. Have an agent who geeks out on the numbers and will play it to your advantage.
  2. Why the price reductions? Is there less demand, or did the seller price it too high over fair market value? You’ll find the price reductions are happening because they didn’t start at fair market value. Look at your specific neighborhood listings to see the facts.
  3. Let’s go with what it is; not what it could be. Live in the moment. Live in the now. National Association of Realtors recently report from their survey:
    1. 68% of the respondents believe now is a good time to buy
    2. 75% of the respondents believe now is the best time ever to sell a home.
  4. Hire a true professional, not the Pre-Madonna or Cousin Louie who lives an hour  away. Now more than ever you need someone willing to work hard and do the work. They pick up the phone, they door knock, they network and they work open houses. Get an agent who’s out there mingling with the buyers on a Sunday at open house for example.


Danae Aballi is a full-time realtor based out of Newport Beach, CA. Often working up and down the coast wherever she can be helpful to her clients, and also inland in Redlands where she grew up. She works with Douglas Elliman Real Estate. She’s known as “Newport Beach’s Best Realtor” and  many clients call her simply “The best real estate agent”. Reach out anytime for all your real estate questions.

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