How’s The Market – Episode 1 (6/27/2018)



Strategies for a shifting market – emerging buyer trends. Top 4 things you should know as of 6/30/2018. Each week I’ll give you a market update.. the number 1 question I always get is, “How’s the Market?” so I’ll answer that each and every week! In today’s episode:

1) Buyer’s attitudes are different than 2 years ago. They’re stepping into the driver seat, and their approach isn’t as desperate. They know they’re paying top dollar, and while the realize buying is a smart option, they’re not going to just lay down. They’re tuned into value, and want a turnkey property. They’re simply a little tougher on the seller now.

2) Don’t be an “Online Lead”. You can certainly start your search (for an agent) online, but choose your agent via a face to face consultation to choose the best! Online leads get treated as a statistic which is only 3% ever buy, and they’re usually not pre-qualified, and will not buy until 12-18 months. Online leads don’t get as much love as a real client who they’ve met in person.

3) Give an agent exclusivity, and they’ll give you 110%. Agents with an exclusive client will give you their all. Their customer service will rise to the top, and you’ll get them to dig up pocket listings, door knock, mail letters, whatever you need them to do.

4) You owe it to yourself to hire the best! Excellent negotiator, someone who knows their craft, and who will put in the energy to be your advocate!

Closing thoughts: As we enter this market shift, you can start your search online, but team up with the best and take the opportunity seriously. There’s opportunity everywhere if you (or your agent) know where to look.

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